At the dawn of a new day, as the first light appears over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a daily passage from the sacred Zohar will arrive in your inbox. This passage can be scanned or read in sixty seconds or less, just enough time to light the candle of the Zohar in your soul.

This project has been created for all of us-for every citizen of the world and every member of the human race. Why? Because the light and wisdom of the Zohar operate at a level beyond religion, beyond belief, beyond color and race.

Our goal is to reach as many people as we can and as promised in the sacred text itself, the Light which emanates from the Zohar will bring the Light of redemption to the world.

Therefore, we ask you to please forward the Daily Zohar link to your family and friends; and as you do so, imagine that you are spreading the light of wisdom and protection with every click. Virtually at the speed of light, along the electronic path of the World Wide Web, we can spread the Light of the Zohar around the globe.

With the help of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, author of the Zohar, and all the righteous people who have trotted the path of eternity in order to help us, we will fulfill the promise of the Zohar and, by the merit of the Zohar itself, be redeemed.

When you sign up for FREE to the Daily Zohar, you will receive a set of daily articles to give you a clear understanding of why, as the sages have explained throughout the ages, the Zohar is the only tool that will help us overcome the chaos expected to increase in the world over coming years. The chaos will be experienced by virtually everyone on this planet until the full revelation of the Light-the final redemption-is completed.

As you will learn, the Zohar is a divine tool that has been described as this generation’s Noah’s Ark. But, it will take more than faith to connect to its wisdom and benefit from its protection.

  • Mauro Chazanas

    Hello. Thank you so much for this gift. May I ask you a question? There will be another translations or the last one is the number 8?
    Again, thank you, and, of course, Chag Sameach!

    Mauro Chazanas
    Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • stephen geller

    Dear Zion: If you need a reader, I’d be delighted. I’m a writer/director of both film and theater, and teach drama and English at Savannah College of Art and Design.E’mail me any time you need me.

  • Jaime

    An author I recently contacted told me about the audio version of the Ana B’Koach that you recorded. I listened to it and think its wonderful. However, I’d like to know if you offer an mp3 version of your anabkoach.wav? As of right now, I can only listen through Quicktime and I would love to have that prayer on my mp3 player for daily reference.

    • Thank you Jaime
      I will make mp3 version and share it with every one.

  • ronen

    Hi zion
    can i have your e mail adress?i would like to contact you, please.


  • Cornelius Reimer

    I am sorry I don’t benefit by the Hebrew. But I am so thankful that there is so much in English. I don’t know who sent me this. But I believe this can be quite up building, once I get my time to fit with it. Whoever it is, I may have a clue , but thank you heartily.


  • BS”D: I can’t find on your site where you have learned. What qualifies you to teach and btw, teaching Kabbalah online or to those otherwise not suited to the learning is very dangerous. You might want to check out Eitz Chayim on this. I can give you a link to our video on this, if you like, where Rav Yehudah reads it.

    • Dear Rabbanit Ruth Alfasi,
      Thank you for the question. I am happy to repeat that again.
      I am not a rabbi or claim to be a teacher of Kabbalah. I am a student of Kabbalah that shares his studies with the world.
      I don’t have classrooms,
      I don’t employ teachers
      Everything I do on the websites is 100% for free.
      Some people call me teacher because they decide to study with me. It us their choice.
      They add their comments and questions any where on the site.
      As you know the sages taught us
      “קום עשה לך רב״
      “make a teacher for yourself”
      This means that it is our responsibility to select a teacher that will advance us in loving and following the ways of God and Torah.
      I do not ask or invite people to come to the website. In fact there are people in the synagogue that see me for years but don’t know about the site.
      Sometime I get a ‘why didn’t you tell us about your site?’

      Please consider me as someone you met on the street and share some spiritual teaching with you. If you found it benefiting in some ways then I am happy, if not then I am happy to because I don’t do it for my self and look for no rewards.
      People subscribe to the daily Zohar and on the average 8% of them drops for different reasons.
      I am not competing with any Kabbalah teacher and even provide the channel of http://tube.dailyzohar.com so people can learn more from others.
      With love to all

    • Viir Montalbo

      If we just listen to the Zohar recordings and/or scan the printed version will it ne also considered dangerous ?

      If the purpose of the Daily Zohar is to let as much people in the world avail of the Zohar scanning is it not noteworthy as it helps in the online distribution of this spiritual tool to attain the critical mass ?

      My group affiliation is distributing Zohar and Zohar Pinchassim to people outside of our group to dispel darkness and bring about the tool for easing pain and sufferings as well as contribute to world peace and unity.

      If the distribution/access to this tool of the LIGHT be limited to only a few who had personal access to a rabbi (and some groups had a very astringent rules of membership) then it may take thousands years more to bring about the arrival of maschiach.

      After the dawning of the age of aquarius, the upliftment of the global consciousness is accelerated so no specific group will be lag behind. After all even the hermits and masters who used to dwell in isolations in caves up in the mountains had came down to live and share their wisdom with the common man to bring about a common unity (community) towards a life in LIGHT/elevated consciousness.

  • BS”D: If you understand Hebrew, I recommend you watch this video:
    " rel="nofollow">
    in which rav Yehudah shows and quotes directly from the sefarim and Rabbeinu Ari himself on the dangers of learning Kabbalah without proper rabbinical guidance, in otherwords, without learning from one who learned from one, who learned from one…that is the meaning of “Kabbalah” and “Mekubal” as it is NOT intended to be learned alone, or by others who’ve learned by anyone not qualified to teach. “Make yourself a rav” means make for yourself a rav -- find a qualified rav for yourself, not make YOURSELF a rav for others:). I am currently writing now a new post on this topic because it is very important.
    Nice to give your teachings away, but you’d have more bracha by giving something away that you know for sure is proper, because it is also assur to give advice unless you’re sure of it’s merits and unless you’ve learned properly by a Rav who’s also learned properly, you run the risk of misinforming others and bringing down dinim rather than brachot. In shamayim, the balagon created is significant.
    Kol tuv

  • BS”D And here is the second part of the video, starting with Rav Yehudah’s showing the sefer, Shaar haKavanot, of Rabbeinu Ari:
    sorry, i can’t seem to make these hyperlinks.

  • Gwen

    Dear Zion,
    I am so glad that we have you. You share unconditional love and knowledge with all of us. I have gone to the Temple for 10 years and as much as I have enjoy services, I have gain more knowledge from you. I will always study with you. I trust you. The Rabbi I trusted has retired and I had no one until you came along. You don’t intimidate or condem us. I don’t have time to think negative, you keep us everday moving toward the Light. Our Creator would never put anything negative upon your sweet soul to teach us. Keep up the Great Work !!!! and all you naysayers shut up !!! We are happy !!!!!

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