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Author: Zion Nefesh

Zohar Spark

[Author: Zion Nefesh] The synagogue was burnt out by terrorists but the Torah was not harmed. The Torah is Tree of Life to those who hold...

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Zohar Spark

[Author: Zion Nefesh] **For today: **SPECIAL PRAYER FOR THE CHILDREN FOR EREV ROSH CHODESH SIVAN. For the same prayer with transliteration visit...

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My first mail test

[title **My FIRST mail test** title] [status pending] [category mailtest] [tags Zohar Sparks ] [comments on ] – Supported audio files (mp3) will be displayed using the WordPress Audio player. – Supported video files...

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Yom Kippur guide 5781

Those who were not able to do Hatarat Nedarim before Rosh Hashana can meditate during Kol Nidrei to cancel all their vows. B”H and B’Li Neder, as I did on Rosh Hashanah, I will meditate for all DZ supporters during...

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