Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -184.

Tikkun 18 Continue

The prayers go up like a gift to the king. It is checked by the gate and if accepted, the carrier of the gift goes inside to the King’s court to receive the fulfillment for his wishes.

Some of the gifts are at a lower level and even though they are accepted, their carrier is not allowed to come inside the gate. He receives his fulfillment outside.

The gifts that are rejected are thrown to the dogs.

The righteous people are pure in their soul and in their prayers. They include other people in their prayers and that gives them access to the king’s court, which is the wisdom of the spiritual system.

Those who pray with faith but with some selfishness, may receive fulfillment but won’t be let into the wisdom.

People that pray for selfish reasons are rejected totally and their prayers go to the negative side.

Before we pray we should think to include others in our prayers otherwise as the Zohar says, the dogs will be happy.