Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -189.

Tikkun 18 Continue

The main purpose of every prayer is to unite the light, Zeir Anpin and the vessel, the Shechina. Like electronic circuit, you can not reveal the energy if the feed (+) is not connected to a consumer (-).

When the prayer is repeated it builds a better channel for the light to come down. We can not channel the light if we are the consumers. We have to pray for others in order to enjoy from the same light. Find people closer to you with the same issues and pray for them.

If you need health, money or soul mate or all of the above, pray for others to have all that is good for them.

Don’t “punish” people by praying for them to have millions or anything specific, it may not be what they need. Always ask for them to have what is good for them. The best health, sustenance and soul mate. Most of the time, “suffering” that people go through are part of their soul’s healing process.

Build a good vessel with your prayers and let the light do the rest.