Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -248.

Tikkun 19-24

The word for board קרש appears in the Torah in the description of building the Tabernacle-Exodus 26:16. When rearranging the letters it spells קשר, which means a knot or a connection.

The boards were made out of a tree named שטה, translated as acacia-wood. The numerical value of it is 314, which represents the Holy name of שדי. Also as in 3.14 Pi π. This is the secret of 22 Hebrew letters that created the world, divided by 7 days to form the limited world from the infinite of circle. 314 represent the supernal gate between the Endless and our universe. This name is on the Mezuzah as well as the same value of the name of the Archangel Metatron who was once on earth and picked as a connector between us and the Light.

At the base of the קרש they placed a cast of silver, which represents the energy of right column, sharing and continuation. The קרש was coated with Gold, which is left column with desire to receive.
Rabbi Akiva had said that every letter in the Torah conceals mountains of secrets. Were we just talking about building materials or is it pure light? Thanks to Rabbi Shimon, we have the Zohar that connects us to the hidden codes and energy of the Torah.

When you read the Torah don’t get bored with the boards, take some knots…