Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -271.

Tikkun 21 – 12

Rabbi Shimon explains to his son, Rabbi Elazar, that the soul of Tzaddikim protect the paths of light to the world from attacks of impure forces. They want to suck on any energy that they can grab. Without this protection the impure side can take all the light that flows between the worlds and bring total destruction.
The tzaddikim use קשת, רומח and חרב. Bow, Spear and sword to protect the three columns. These tools are codes for spiritual connection on a higher level.

Our spiritual actions and prayers go up and on their way, they empower all the levels.
This is the returning light that comes from our actions. It manifests in our life because on the ways up, it reveals the essence of the light. Like when you see something it must first be registered in your brain before you can act upon it. This is the actual meaning of Kabbalah.

The light can not be received if it is not pushed away from us.
Learn to receive by actions of returning light generated by giving and sharing. This is Kabbalah.