Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -274.

Tikkun 21 – 15

God instructed Moses to speak to the rock in front of the people. Then this rock wiouldopen and bring water to all.

The act of speaking is on a higher level because it reveals the concealed in the upper levels. That would have brought Israel to the Holy Land and the Final Redemption quickly and safely . Rabbi Brandwein explains that Moses saw that the people were not ready or worthy of shortening the process.

When we speak we reveal what’s in our mind. When we act we express a limited version of our plan.

Moses hit the rock twice to bring lower level waters. By that he kept the light that God asked him to bring forth in concealment. Now the Israelites needed to go through the process of revealing the light. This gave the people the opportunity to earn the light by themselves and not the easy way as God intended.

Don’t blame Moses for taking the longer way. He knew what is best for us. For now we need to work and earn the light, until we merit seeing the Light of the Final Redemption.