Daily Zohar 3220
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3220
Hebrew translation:

90. וַיַּחֲלֹם יוֹסֵף חֲלוֹם וַיַּגֵּד לְאֶחָיו וַיּוֹסִפוּ עוֹד שְׂנֹא אֹתוֹ עַל חֲלוֹמוֹתָיו. מִכָּאן שֶׁלֹּא צָרִיךְ הָאָדָם לוֹמַר אֶת חֲלוֹמוֹ רַק לְאוֹתוֹ הָאָדָם שֶׁאוֹהֵב אוֹתוֹ, וְאִם לֹא – הוּא גוֹרֵם לוֹ. שֶׁאִם אוֹתוֹ הַחֲלוֹם מִתְהַפֵּךְ לְגָוֶן אַחֵר – הוּא גוֹרֵם לְסַלְּקוֹ
91. בֹּא רְאֵה שֶׁיּוֹסֵף אָמַר אֶת הַחֲלוֹם לְאֶחָיו, וְעַל כֵּן גָּרְמוּ לוֹ לְסַלֵּק אֶת חֲלוֹמוֹ עֶשְׂרִים וּשְׁתַּיִם שָׁנִים שֶׁהִתְעַכֵּב. רַבִּי יוֹסֵי אָמַר, מִנַּיִן לָנוּ? שֶׁכָּתוּב וַיּוֹסִפוּ עוֹד שְׂנֹא אֹתוֹ. מַה זֶה שְׂנֹא אֹתוֹ? שֶׁגָּרְמוּ לוֹ בָּזֶה קִטְרוּגִים.
92. מַה כָּתוּב? וַיֹּאמֶר אֲלֵיהֶם שִׁמְעוּ נָא הַחֲלוֹם הַזֶּה אֲשֶׁר חָלָמְתִּי. שֶׁרָצָה מֵהֶם שֶׁיִּשְׁמְעוּ לוֹ, וְהוּא הוֹדִיעַ לָהֶם אוֹתוֹ הַחֲלוֹם, שֶׁאִלְמָלֵא הֵם שֶׁהָפְכוּ אוֹתוֹ לְגָוֶן אַחֵר – כָּךְ הִתְקַיֵּם, וְהֵם הֵשִׁיבוּ וְאָמְרוּ, הֲמָלֹךְ תִּמְלֹךְ עָלֵינוּ אִם מָשׁוֹל תִּמְשֹׁל בָּנוּ?! מִיָּד אָמְרוּ לוֹ אֶת פֵּשֶׁר הַחֲלוֹם וְגָזְרוּ גְזֵרָה, וּמִשּׁוּם כָּךְ וַיּוֹסִפוּ עוֹד שְׂנֹא אֹתוֹ.

Zohar Vayeshev

Genesis 37:5,6
“וַיַּחֲלֹם יוֹסֵף חֲלוֹם וַיַּגֵּד לְאֶחָיו וַיּוֹסִפוּ עוֹד שְׂנֹא אֹתוֹ.”
“וַיֹּאמֶר, אֲלֵיהֶם: שִׁמְעוּ-נָא, הַחֲלוֹם הַזֶּה אֲשֶׁר חָלָמְתִּי”
“Then Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him even more.”
“He said to them, “Please listen to this dream which I have had;”
We learn from this verse that a person should tell his dreams only to those who love him. If not, as in the case with Joseph’s brother, it transforms the true message of the dream.

Because Joseph told the dream to his brothers, the true message and was delayed for 22 years. Rabbi Yossei explains that we learn that from the verse when it says, “they hated him even more”. The hate of the brothers added more judgments and delayed the manifestation of the dream for 22 years.

Joseph told his brothers “Please listen to this dream which I have had”. If he didn’t tell them than the dream would have manifested without delays.
Genesis 37:8
“וַיֹּאמְרוּ לוֹ אֶחָיו הֲמָלֹךְ תִּמְלֹךְ עָלֵינוּ אִם מָשׁוֹל תִּמְשֹׁל בָּנוּ וַיּוֹסִפוּ עוֹד שְׂנֹא אֹתוֹ עַל חֲלֹמֹתָיו וְעַל דְּבָרָיו.”
“His brothers said to him, “Are you indeed to reign over us? Or are you indeed to rule over us?” So they hated him even more for his dreams and for his words.”
The brothers’ reply changed the interpretation of the dream and turned Joseph’s reign into a decree that he won’t rule over them. They hated him more and brought more judgments on him.

Joseph suffered on the path to become a ruler over Egypt’s economy, under Pharaoh.
We should learn a big lesson from this and share our dreams ONLY with positive people. This aspect is not just for night dreams but also for ideas that we wish to manifest and fulfil in our lives. We should build strong foundation before revealing and sharing everything that is dear to our hearts. Sharing our ideas and blessings with pride and ego would attract negativity.
When a child is conceived, and a woman gets pregnant, the pregnancy is not visible for at least three months. God made it this way to protect the process. In addition to that the baby develops in water that is Chassadim.
The same process should be with any home plan, business ideas and similar. Protect your blessings by hiding them. You can share it only with those who would add value, encourage and bless you.