Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -346.

Tikkun 21 – 87

Micha 7:15 “ כִּימֵי צֵאתְךָ, מֵאֶרֶץ מִצְרָיִם, אַרְאֶנּוּ, נִפְלָאוֹת.”
“As in the days of your coming out of the land of Egypt will I show you wonders.”

On the 14th day of the month of Nisan we check and remove the Chametz, which is the negativity. This day is a day before the 15th of the month which is the time of the full moon and it represents the full revelation of the light as the first full moon of the year.

The Month of Nissan is the first month of the year. It is the month that the Israelites got out of Egypt, from slavery to freedom.

The verse above tells us the promise of God to take us out the current and final exile. This exile is our distance from the light. The light of the final redemption will come from the Torah to remove the final 32 elements of darkness from the world. This will be done by YHVH.
YHVH will remove the “Chametz” from all existence.

Isaiah 63:4 “כִּי יוֹם נָקָם, בְּלִבִּי; וּשְׁנַת גְּאוּלַי, בָּאָה”
“For the day of vengeance that was in My heart, and My year of redemption are come”

The Zohar adds that לבי , 42, represents the 32 times the name אלהים that appears in the story of Creation, which was completed in 10 sayings of “And God said let there be….”.

The day of vengeance is the code for the final cleansing. The root of the word נקם is the same as נקי. God does not take vengeance but brings the necessary cleansing process to remove the negativity.

The verse tells that exactly when it talks about the day of cleansing “in my heart”, לבי, which is numerically 42 and the code of the beginning and the original and pure light of Creation.