Daily Zohar 3851
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3851

Hebrew translation:

חסר כאן תרגום

Zohar Yitro
Continued from previous DZ

The Holy One Blessed be He changes the face of the heavens, showing the stars and forces according to the day and events. Every day is different from the other. The inner actions of the supernal man are shown in the skies. Similarly, the actions of the man below are shown on his skin. It has the aspect of the sky that covers everything.

Everything is according to the inner essence of man. Sometimes he is under the force of judgment and sometimes under the Light of mercy. On the outside, it is shown in the sky differently at different times. In the same way, the skin on the man below looks different at different times.
This is the secret of the letter ‘ז’ (The seventh letter Zayin) that includes the letter ‘י’ Yod in it.