Daily Zohar 4173
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -4173

Hebrew translation:

156. חסר כאן תרגום
157. חסר כאן תרגום
158. חסר כאן תרגום


Zohar Yitro
Continued from previous DZ
When he reaches old age and do Teshuva, as we said, he makes correction in the secret of the letter ‘ר’ and connect it with the letter ‘ז.’ And then, after the correction, all his actions are made in secret. But the flaw that existed in his root does not give up on him and provokes him to do evil.

After the negative element in his roots gives up, new lines form on the right hand, four in length and five in width, and this secret is the letter ‘ז’, which was connected to the letter ‘ה.’ He sometimes succeeds and sometimes does not. He succeeds in the Torah. And at the end of his days, he succeeds even in money.

The third gate is ’ה’. On the right, when there are five lines in width and three in length, the middle line is more noticeable than the three in length. This is in the secret of the letter ‘ה’ and is supported by the letter ‘ס’.