Daily Zohar 4172
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -4172

Hebrew translation:

154. חסר כאן תרגום
155. חסר כאן תרגום


Zohar Yitro
Continued from previous DZ
The second gate is the ‘ז’. In the palm of the right hand, there are markings with the aspects of receiving and showing. When there are three large lines in width and two large lines in length, one of those in the length holds the two in width, and the other line does not hold them. It means something is wrong in his family line, from his father’s or his mother’s side.

Then below these three lines in width, two thin lines cling to them below. This person corrects his actions before people, but his heart is not true. In old age, he returns to make corrections. Then we see those two lines that are in length cling with each other to those in the width, and two others with them in the middle in the length, thin, and three thin lines in the width. And this is the secret of ‘ז,’ which connects with the letter ר.

Some lines are dynamic, and they ‘receive’ the current status of the person and show it accordingly. Thin lines change all the time. The palm reader needs to read the ‘whole map’ to make the proper interpretation. A good palm reader does not use a ‘dictionary.’ He reads everything together as a whole picture.