Daily Zohar 4174
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -4174

Hebrew translation:

159. חסר כאן תרגום
160. חסר כאן תרגום


Zohar Yitro
Continued from previous DZ
When the middle line, of the three lines in length, enters and holds within the five lines in width, it tells about a sad and angry person inside his home. He is not the same among people. He is stingy, angry and hungry in his home, sometimes not. Out of his home is not so. He succeeds in the affairs of the world. When he studies the Torah, he studies a little and repeats it. He is faithful, but not at all times. At times when he is not faithful, he shows himself out as truthful, but he is not completely truthful. He is successful before judgment. He is faithful to the secrets of the Torah. This is in the secret of the letter ‘ה’ that is connected with the letter ‘ס.’

And if there are four lines in width and five in the length, and two of those in the length go into the four in the width. This indicates a happy person at home and looks sad outside, but when he talks to people, he shows joy and means whatever he says.