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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -450.

Tikkun 21 – 191

With our consciousness we climb to the higher levels using the sacred text as a ladder. Then we draw from that light and ‘dress’ it for our desires, which is our vessel.

‘Dressing the light’ is the process of transforming it from undifferentiated state to something that we can put in some kind of a shape and give it a name.
An electronic engineer takes electricity and through a process of assembling different components it ‘dresses’ or ‘shapes’ the electricity to be expressed as many different devices. It could be a flashlight, a phone or a sophisticated computer. Without the energy, the device is a dead element. (Almost because the individual components have their own ‘life’ and identity embedded by their specific creator all the way down to the basic elements in nature (see periodic table) that is our basic building component that has the energy of the Endless in them and that is why we cannot change or add to them.)

Our connections create patterns and vibrations on the spiritual levels, which we can turn into a creative force to form and manifest as we desire. Because we are created beings we can easily do for others than for ourselves.

Rabbi Shimon, with his consciousness and the Hebrew words, had the ability to connect to Keter and the Endless to make changes in this world and form new patterns of energy.

He had control over the angel of death and could bring dead people back to life. He was able to change the direction of the flow of a river and bring rain at will. He could have lived forever but was asked by the Creator not to interfere with the main program “Under the sun”.

The process of making changes to the program under the sun is called “shaking or moving heavens and earth” because if affects all levels of the ten Sefirot.