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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -688
Hebrew translation:

תִּקּוּן חֲמִשִּׁים וְשִׁשָּׁה

בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרָא אֱלֹהִי”ם, אֱלֹהִי”ם הֲרֵי פֵּרְשׁוּהוּ שָׁם יִרְאָה, פַּחַד, מִצַּד הָאוֹת ה’ (ה”י), שֶׁהִיא לִשְׂמֹאל, שֶׁאַף עַל גַּב שֶׁהָאוֹת י’ הִיא רַחֲמִים, בְּמָקוֹם שֶׁשּׁוֹלֶטֶת ה’ עָלֶיהָ הִיא נִקְרֵאת נְקֵבָה, כְּמוֹ זֶה ה”י, וְסוֹד זֶה הִתְגַּלָּה (בְּי”ה ה”א וא”ו ה”א) יו”ד ה”י וא”ו ה”י (בְּיו”ד ה”א וא”ו ה”א), שֶׁאֵין בְּרִיָּה בְּלִי זָכָר וּנְקֵבָה, שֶׁשְּׁנֵי שֻׁתָּפִים הֵם בְּבֵן וּבְבַת, הָאָב וְהָאֵם, אֶחָד נוֹתֵן טִפָּה זָכָר וְאֶחָד נְקֵבָה, וּכְשֶׁשּׁוֹלֵט הַזָּכָר עַל הַנְּקֵבָה הוּא זָכָר, וּכְשֶׁשּׁוֹלֶטֶת הַנְּקֵבָה עַל הַזָּכָר הִיא נְקֵבָה, וַהֲרֵי פֵּרְשׁוּהוּ בְּסוֹד שֶׁל אִשָּׁה כִּי תַזְרִיעַ וְיָלְדָה זָכָר.

Tikkun 56 – 1

בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרָא אֱלֹהִי”ם, “In the Beginning God created…”.

Chokma and Binah are the aspects of Male and Female. They were partners in the process of the Creation of the world. As it said in Genesis 1:26 “‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. It was said in plural form, so the result was as God as one, Adam and Eve were born as one, not separated. Genesis 1:27 “male and female created He them”.

For that reason every creation in this world requires male and female. On a basic level, the atom’s particles are the female/vessel and the force that holds them together is the male/light force.

To bring a new child to the world we need a drop from the male, which is the aspect the Yod י of Chokma. It should join with the female’s vessel, which is the aspect of the letter He, ה of Binah.

The relationship between these two forces determine the child’s soul and energy. If the female energy is stronger then the child’s soul will be influenced and drawn down with female energy.

In most cases we see a child with female-like behavior when the mother is a strong and dominant person, especially at the time of the parent’s unification. We can also find girls behave like boys when the father has the dominant energy.

Good planing, preparation and meditation can bring down the best soul a couple can have.