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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -922
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Tikkun 70
– 27

As Rabbi Shimon started the study about the hair, Elijah came down and interrupted him. He said that it should be known that in the world of separation, which is the world of Action, there are many types of people. Some wicked have marks of a righteous people and righteous may have marks of a wicked. It looks like darkness but the wise people that live in truth can see the light in that darkness.

In the Garden of Eden everything is light and truth, but this world is like a hard shell of a walnut that doesn’t tell about the quality of the fruit inside.

We learn few things from this Zohar. First is that we need to be in and with truth all the time. Without conducting our lives with truth in every step, we can not see the truth outside. The Zohar is the ‘Wisdom of Truth’ because it teaches us about the true essence of the world and not the shells or the separation between spirit and body.

I am aware that in this world you can not tell YOUR truth to everyone around you. As you grow spiritually (from the inside, not by spiritual knowledge) you realize that even if you see the truth, you can not always tell it to people as it may hurt them or even negatively influence their Tikkun process.

Rabbi Shimon was about to tell the absolute truth about PFR (Palm, Face, Reading) from the aspect of the light at the seed level. Elijah came down to provide information for our benefit, so we won’t jump into conclusions unless we can see (spiritually) the truth of and in the other person.

As the demographic location affects the outer appearance of a person, so do our actions and the environment we grow up. A child with a pure soul may be born to evil parents and maybe even behave as evil. His face may show evil attributes but his soul is not necessarily so. He has a righteous soul and could break the outer and evil shells in the process of his Tikkun and become as righteous as his soul can be. As long as a person has a beating heart in his chest, he can turn on the light inside and reveal its beauty.

The study of PFR for us is to achieve higher level of understanding into the soul of others and never pass a definite judgment. Becoming a psychic is to always be on the path of truth and be able to see the soul of a person in order to help them in their correction process.