Comments and a question from a friend of the Daily Zohar. It is posted here with her permission and my answer is below.
I invite to share your experience and ask any questions that you may have or just came to your mind.


My name is Phyllis and I love your DailyZohar messages; it makes it easy for me to scan everyday with my busy schedule.
However, I am curious and wanted to put this question out there for your observation and possible later comment.

When I first received my personal Zohar book set I would try and scan them daily. After the first week one of my co-workers asked me, “What are you doing, your face is glowing?” Now, I almost never scan from the books, only scanning from your Daily Zohar messages when I perform my morning prayers.

I know there are countless reasons why my face should glow or not glow and it cannot be proven to be the Zohar scanning.
It just seems that after a week for someone to come and say that to me was usual and my first thought was the Zohar.

I am wondering if there is a difference between electronic scanning vs. book scanning. If it is so important for the (is it Rabbis who draw them for mezuzah or torah, I’m not of the Jewish faith) forming of the letters to be perfect for their power to be correct, to be revealed, then is the fact that electronic writing is just dots, pixels, a problem? The actual lines are not connecting lines? Do you know what I mean?

Do you scan both print and electronic? Maybe some of us should test to see if we can discern the difference. No matter what, the Daily Zohar is wonderful and the commentary well worth reading. I admit I do not understand all of it, but in time I hope too.

I did not post this publicly because I did not want to influence peoples’ use of your daily message.


Book or eBook?

Everything that we touch is affected by our energy, for positive or negative. This is the reason why we get attached to things that remind us positive memories and experiences. It’s the energy of the moment that we connect to. Whatever we do and wherever we go we leave a signature of our energy.

Whatever we see with our eyes absorbed internally and affect us spiritually and physically. It can lifts our spirit and energy or makes us terribly sick.
When we scan or read the sacred text we activate its inner energy and bring it into our lives. As a material channel, it retains the energy of our consciousness when we use it.

There are two aspects, one is the effect on us and the other is on the object or place.
The electronic device holds the energy of all of its experiences. The book is a dedicated channel, focused on the Zohar and its own spiritual energy. The more we use it for scanning, reading and studying it accumulates more of the same energy. Always respect the book and avoid leaving it on the floor.
When a sacred book is far from reach, it can’t help us much but if we have a digital replacement that can ‘feed’ us the energy, then it is better.

The Daily Zohar was created initially on the idea of giving people access to the Zohar on the daily basis. Most people buy the Zohar and rarely open it for reading or scanning. I didn’t even think about writing commentaries because the important connection is ‘sucking’ the sacred text into our mind and sub consciousness. The logical mind needs its share so I added the translation and commentaries to ‘magnify’ the Zohar experience. The Doctor can prescribe a pill but it will works ‘better’ when it comes with explanation.