The Azara in the Holy Temple parallels the courtyard of the Holy Tabernacle.

In the heart of Ezra stands the hall, which is the central building of the temple and where the vessels were placed: the ark, the lamp, the table, and the altar of incense. To the east of the hall stood the altar on which the sacrifices were made. In the Azara, they would prepare the sacrifices for their sacrifice on the altar. All the Azara area was allowed for the slaughtering of minor holy sacrifices, but usually, the slaughtering was done in the slaughterhouse, and the use of its entire area was mainly for the slaughtering of the Passover sacrifice.

The Azara was the only place where it was allowed to eat the Holy of sacrifices. It was also the place of most of the ceremonies and where the Levites sang, and the priests made the blessings.

The Azara is the area in blue.

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