We ask Hashem for support, and he sends us angels to help on our path. If we feel comfortable with the support and then choose an opposite path, the angels that supported us before could turn against us.
If we ‘program’ our GPS (God’s Paths System) to follow the righteous path, we get support from above, but if we choose our own ways, we will lose time and energy.
We can always go back on the path, but the ‘judgment’ already happened and took its toll.
אָמַר רֵישׁ לָקִישׁ, מַאי דִּכְתִיב: ״אִם לַלֵּצִים הוּא יָלִיץ וְלַעֲנָוִים יִתֶּן חֵן״, בָּא לִטַּמֵּא — פּוֹתְחִין לוֹ. בָּא לִטָּהֵר — מְסַיְּיעִין אוֹתוֹ.
Reish Lakish said: What is the meaning of that which is written: “If it concerns the scorners, He scorns them, but to the humble, He gives grace” (Proverbs 3:34)? If one comes to impurify, they open before him the opportunity to exercise his free will and do as he pleases. If one comes to purify, they assist him.