Emotion is a fuel that drives us in a certain direction. The word itself has ‘motion’ in it. In Hebrew, the word for emotion is ‘רגש’, it represents a state of mind and or a type of feeling. This is a temporary state that animates the vessel and determines what kind of Light would fill the vessel. The Holy One Blessed be He embedded in us the entire range of feelings from a deep depression that is an aspect of death to the extreme joy that is an aspect of a fulfilled life.

Emotions are triggered by external events and or memories. When we are under the ‘influence’ of a certain emotion, our souls draw a Light force that supports the current state of the vessel. We need to immediately reject negative feelings that may drive us further away from the Light. We embrace and keep in memory situations of positive feelings because they elevate our state of mind and draw positive light into our vessels.

We should remember that Hashem is always with us, no matter if we are high up in the heavens, or down in a state of hell. All we need is to call on him and he will reprogram our GPS so we can move to a better destination.