The title of this page is taken from a song about the greatness of Rabbi Shimon.

Today we celebrate the death anniversary of Rabbi Shimon who brought the Zohar to the world. At the same time we celebrate the birth of the Daily Zohar, that is now four years old.

I didn’t sent out the regular daily study because today is about Rabbi Shimon himself and the best way to connect to him is with the study of the Idra Zuta.

Please follow the links below to make this special connection to this special and holy soul that gave us the highest level of Torah study. Rabbi Shimon, with his studies and revelations, purified his soul to a level that he could control death and left the world only because he was asked to. On that day heavens opened and his soul ascended while being escorted by the Shechina and 70 righteous souls from the upper levels of the Garden of Eden.

The Idra Zuta, describes the last day of Rabbi Shimon in this world, how he left the world and his last study.
Reading Idra Zuta is the highest level of connection to his soul.
Listening to the Idra Zuta:
Also the article from last year.

The counting of the Omer and Lag B’Omer

With love and blessings to all.