We offer personal prayers at tzadikim sites in Israel. The visit and your personal prayers on your behalf are recorded on video.

The video (HD quality) is similar to the one below. Average length of the video would be about 15 minutes. This example video was edited and for obvious reasons reduced to less than 3 minutes. We cut out parts of the long prayers, which will be fully included in the delivered video. The video shows prayers at several tzadikim sites but your video will show your prayers made only at the site of the requested tzadik (selected from the list below) or if you requested and paid for more tzadikim they will be added to the same video.

Fill up the form below with all the necessary details. The price per one Tzadik visit is $280. The price is low because we wait for several orders before the team go out to fulfill your requests. This way we save on the cost of the trip, the rabbi, the production team, video editing etc. Because of that we can not promise exact date but we estimated about 3 to 4 weeks from your request to delivery of the edited video.

After submitting the form, use the payment link to make a payment. We will not process requests without full payment.
We offer this service to give people that for different reasons can not make the trip to Israel but wish to have their personal prayers made at Tzadikim sites. Please recommend this offer to your friend so we can keep the low price.

Few comments from people who used our service.
[note color=”#e9e9e9″]“I saw the video and heard all the prayers.
Thank you very much, I was very moved and felt privileged to have these prayers said for my family and myself in front of the tombs of the Tzadikim.
May G d bless you and your family for the work you to.
Thank you very much again.”
[note color=”#e9e9e9″]“After viewing the video, I am so full. Words can not express…I am grateful. My life is so much better since I have started to study Kabbalah and the Zohar along with studying the Torah. I am so grateful for the Light of the Creator and His unconditional love. “[/note]
[note color=”#e9e9e9″]“Hello Zion I received the prayers ! Thank-you very much they are a great connection and inspiration to me. Will listen to them many times. Blessings to you and appreciate for the beautiful prayers.”[/note]
[note color=”#e9e9e9″]” I want to say a ‘big thank’ you for this Tzadikim Project, I think it was very succesful , and I pray and hope that everyone who participated in these prayers with us have all there prayers answered Amen.
I think the Rabbi, was really good and made that connection for us all”

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