How much efforts would you make this holiday if it was the last one before the coming of Mashiach.
Here is a list of links to scan, read and study for the following two weeks.
Zohar Pesach (Passover)
A special edition in Aramaic and Hebrew with all Zohar references to Pesach. Deep study for those who know Hebrew and powerful scanning for all others.
The Holy Ari study on Passover. From the ‘Gate of Meditation’
Scan before the Holiday to prepare the vessel for the great light that is revealed on the night of the Seder.
The prayer of Arvit for the night of Pesach. From the prayers of the Rashash.
It’s the highest posible level of meditation before the Seder.
The Rashah had a spark from the soul of the Holy Ari. He revealed many secrets on the spiritual world that were concealed in the writings of the Ari. There are over 250 pages (large type).
Special study for the Seventh of Pesach. (Splitting the Red Sea)
In Italian, Traduzione di Sebastiano Gulli
Last but very important!
The power of the 72 names was revealed when the Israelites left Egypt and Moses split the sea for them to pass safely when Pharaoh’s army was chasing them.
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