On the 9th of Kislev the gates of heavens opened and started a short period of time with flow of great light and abundance to the ones that know to tap into it. It is a time of good will.

If you missed the 9th day then you still have great energy to tap into through the end of the month of Kislev .
Everyday and especially on the fifteenth day of Kislev when the full moon appears its another great opportunity to connect to this energy as the 15th reveals the light of the whole month including the 9th day when the main gate opened.

This is a great time to meditate and plan for the future, on a spiritual and material level. Use this few days until the 15th and the rest of the month of Kislev to plan and plant seeds for new thing in your life.

In the spiritual dimensions we have alignment of the Sefira of Yessod all the way to the main supernal wheel where all energy of fulfillment, success and abundance is coming from.

This is according to the kabbalaists (Rabbi Avraham Marimon HaSfaradi of blessed memory (Brit Menucha). This kabbalaist is mentioned and referenced by Rabbi Chaim Vital in the writings of the Holy Ari.

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Rabbi Avraham Azulai of blessed memory wrote in his sefer Chesed Le’Avraham, “I saw in the book ‘Brit Menucha’ that the ninth month in the ninth day on the ninth hour is a time of great success and the reason for this is because it is the ninth wheel of the Yessod and is a pipe of abundance”.

Also the Ramban, writes that the ninth year of the Jubilee, on the ninth month, on the ninth day, in the ninth hour is time of special will.

Meditate for yourself and for others to channel this energy in your life and for the whole world.
Remember that the Yessod is the funnel of the light to Malchut and your meditation should match that energy. Meditate big, Meditate global.
Be in positive and sharing consciousness at all time.

How to make better connection
It is not a holiday and there are no special prayer defined for it but it is revealed by the kabbalists and we should use kabbalistic tools for this connection.
First is to read “Elijah Oppened”. This is a link to read more about this special Zohar section and to get the actual text in PDF format for printing and using. https://dailyzohar.com/?page_id=660
This will open the channel. (It is good to scan this every morning and before your start/initiate new venture)
Then we need to connect to the Sefirah of Yessod through Joseph that is the chariot to it. We do that by scanning special sections from Zohar Miketz. Click here to view the Zohar text
Best time is in the morning and on the ninth hour of the day (counting from sunrise) about 2 to 3 pm your local time. Anytime before sundown is good.

If you pray the afternoon prayer scan the Zohar texts before starting the Mincha prayer. During the silent standing prayer and just before “Baruch ata …Shomea Tefila”, inject your own personal meditation.

Always include others in your meditation. Remember that success can not be sustain for long without caring for others.