In part one I offered one option to beat cancer. The suggestion was that all other healthy cells in the body join their energy to stop the progress of the cancer cells. Then isolate and dispose them as the body usually does when removing waste and foreign objects.
The flaw of this option is that the body is not in complete unity and when one part is in pain or failing, the other parts try to survive individually. The cancer cells are very strong because their power comes from the desire to control, which is greater than the desire of the other body cells to survive. The parts that wish to rest from the fight become quick victims to the active and strong cancer cells.

stage4cancer-2Another option is to use outside agents like chemotherapy or radiation to attack the cancer. These agents try to destroy the cancer but at the same time they hurt or bring the body down. In many cases, the body loses the fight faster than going without any treatment. Even if these outside agents have some success and prolong the life of the body, the price that is paid is great and there’s no guarantee that the cancer won’t come back.

Even when removing the visible cancer the body is still at risk because there are agents of cancer in the environment, looking for weaknesses to enter the body again. So even if we get rid of the cancer locally, we still have to worry about protecting the body from future cancer invasion.

Global unity to eradicate all forms of cancer is important but unfortunately decades passed and no success in achieving this goal. There are many leaders trying to call and bring people into their circle of unity. They believe that following their ways is the best option to rid the world from cancer and chaos. The truth is that all of them are correct. If everyone joins one and only one leader, then he would have the power to ‘fixed’ the world and remove all kind of negativity forever.

The problem is that leaders have their own agenda and processes to gather and educate the people. Even leaders of different groups that have similar objectives won’t merge with other groups. When the leader is the head and the followers are the body they have a new type of a group ego. The individuals may be selfless people but outside the group their behavior is different.
The bottom line is that leaders create separate groups of unity, which are best defined as communities. No matter how we look at it, but within the members of the group we find classes, hierarchy, and individualism. True global unity can never be achieved among people as long as there is a person at the top of the pyramid.

The cure for cancer is in the next and last article, coming tomorrow.