A day of great potential for life

Saturday night begins the fifteenth of the month of Elul. The moon is full and all the Tzadikim come down to support us. This month we can have great spiritual support using the channels of the Tzadikim and the Zohar. This month takes us to the Day of Judgment, which is Rosh Hashanah and we need all the support that we can get.

I suggest that after Shabbat and Havdala you read/scan/listen to Elijah Open, “Patach Eliyahu” to create spiritual opening for this day, the week and beyond. Light a candle for all the Tzadikim and more candles for individual Tzadikim that you feel close to. Use our free Tzadikim app to register virtual candles.

Read Zohar and or Tikunei Zohar and meditate on cleansing your soul from any impurities that you may have experience/gathered during the year. It is important to remove the Klipot that came with the impurities in order to be well prepared for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

The coming year is critical for the entire world and especially for the children of Israel no matter where they are. The Israelites souls under ‘foreign’ garments (demography, religion), should commit their heart and certainty in YHVH and the Torah. It’s time to put your soul before the selfish desires because only the pure state of your soul can earn you protection and a ticket to immortality. Everything else is temporary and part of the illusion of this world.

Cleanse your soul by asking forgiveness from those you hurt knowingly or unknowingly from near or far past. Follow up on your promises. Give your full tithe to remove the aspect of death from the channels of life and sustenance. Give Tzedakah to the poor and to those who bring ‘life’ to the world. This month and until Yom Kippur the focus should be on all aspects of ‘life’ and continuation.

Study the Zohar every day using the DailyZohar and Unity Zohar websites and Apps.

Remember that listening to the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah doesn’t guarantee that you are saved or that the coming year will be great for you. The way of Zohar and Kabbalah is through following the Torah, the correction process and using the spiritual tools for soul cleansing, not for Hocus Pokus. It’s not an easy work and we should not miss or skip it.

Ask questions and do your best.

With Love and Shabbat Shalom,

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