We have a small shop operated by one person.

At this time We don’t ship outside of the USA. (Many countries have delivery issues, Email us if you want delivery to your country and we may consider it.)
If for any reason, you could input a non-US address and make a payment, the order would be canceled and we will issue a refund.

Handling returns would cost us time and money and we can not afford that. We package the products properly, and if it happened that a package arrived damaged, then you need to contact the delivery service and file a claim. We may help with the claim.
If you have questions about a certain product, please email zion@DailyZohar.com.

Due to the small inventory, it may take a few days before shipping the order. We will email a tracking code when your order is shipped. In most cases, we ship via USPS.

We appreciate your purchase and support of the Daily Zohar projects.