Reading the Tikun Haklali

tikun-haklali-webappSunday, tens of thousands of Jews will read the Tikun Haklali, the ten chapters of psalms in unison – joined by millions of Jews around the world who will be part of the event via the Internet or closed circuit television. The event will take place on Sunday at
8 pm in Israel,
6 pm GMT
1 pm Eastern Standard Time and
10 am in the western U.S. (PCT),
allowing the maximum number of people to participate
Please adjust to your local time accordingly.
Set yourself a reminder and remember that this event was organized by Eldad Eilat.

The Daily Zohar prepared a special web app and you can access it on your phone or pc.

You will find explanation, audio recording of the entire connection and text to read or scan.
The Tikun Haklali is a special selection of 10 Psalms revealed by Kabbalist Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.
The Zohar reveals many great secrets from Psalms and through the 10 Psalms we draw great Light to correct and open the channel of Yessod. We reveal Light in our lives and the entire world.
We can create miracles with your participations together with many around the world.

Access this link now.

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and set a reminder for Sunday.

Please bookmark the page and or add it to your smartphone home screen for quick access.

In addition to Tikun Haklali I included Tikun 48, which is another powerful section from the Zohar. Access the link to read more. There will be more special prayers linked in the same page in the near future.

With love and blessings