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Author: Zion Nefesh

Daily Zohar – Tikunim – #29 – Endless & Shapes

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -29.

The “Faithful Shepherd” (Moses), open and said to Ezikiel (the prophet), rise up from your sleep (state of death)  and reveal here all the visions that you were shown. Those revealed to you with the concealed Light of the Supernal Father and Mother.

There are Lights revealed as shapes and those are from the level of Chokmah. The eyes are in the level Chokmah.

The Lights above it, is from the Endless, Bless be He and they are concealed and shapeless.

Cursed is the person that tries to give them shapes, because no thought can conceive the light of the Endless.

Even the Ezikiel that saw the Shechina in his vision didn’t see more that the unification of Z”A and Malchut, which is the secret of the ten Sefirot unifications.

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Daily Zohar – Tikunim – #28 – The Spirit of God hovering over the water

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -28.

The Endless, Bless be He, formed the worlds  below with the letter י. The Light came from Keter that doesn’t have any form but implied with the tip of the letter י.

The letters יה created the two worlds. The ה created this world and the letter י created the world to come. As it said in Isaiah 26:6 “with יה , he forms the worlds”.

When the Light of creation removed himself from the middle point in order to reveal the vessels, the letter י and ה, got revealed. The supernal Light did not stop the flow of Light to the lowers and from that came out the four levels of Chokmah and Binah, Tiferet (Z”A) and Malchut.

This is the secret of “ב יה שמו”, which are the special letters at the top of six columns of the Torah.

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Daily Zohar – Tikunim – #27 – Keter without letter?

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-21″ title=”Daily Zohar -27″ src=”” alt=”Daily Zohar -27″ /> The Endless, Bless be He, is the cause of everything, no other force above him and none below him. And not in any other direction. He fills all the worlds, all level of existence with inner light and surrounds them in all directions. That inner light does not spread beyond the defined borders of each individual. All by the will of the Endless, Bless be He. The name אדני, is a chariot, a vehicle, to the name יקוק and reveals its light. Like a person using a power tool. The name  יקוק is a chariot to the supernal Keter. The Endless is concealed in Keter, crown,  which is the secret of the upper tip of the letter Yod י, and from the Keter, spread the Light of the Endless on the four letters of the name. י is Chokmah, First ה is Binah, ו is the six sefirot of Zeir Anpin and the lower letter ה is Malchut, which is the revelation of the direct light from above to below.

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Daily Zohar – Tikunim – #26, The Concealed and The Revealed

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-21″ title=”Daily Zohar -26″ src=”” alt=”Daily Zohar -26″ /> The meditation, which is the thought should precede the precept action. That is why the sages establish the rule that if a person didn’t meditate before a specific prayer he should go back to the top of the prayer. With the Shechina in the aspect of Malchut we should start with awe before Torah or act of Mitzvah. From the aspect of the Holly One blessed be He, which is Zeir Anpin,  Torah precedes awe in all the precepts. The four aspects Awe, Love, Torah and Mitzvah in the ten sefirot of Zeir Anpin יקוק make a complete dimension of the Light force and with the ten sefirot of Malchut אדני, make the circuit of direct and returning light. This is the secret of Awe and Love, which is יה (Chokmah and Binah), “”the concealed”, the mind and heart should connect  before “the revealed”, וה (Zeir Anpin and Malchut) , become available for us to work and manifest.

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Zohar Diário # 26 – O oculto e o revelado

Zohar Diário -26 A meditação, a qual é o pensamento deve preceder a ação do preceito. É por isso que os sábios estabelecem a regra de que, se uma pessoa não meditar antes de uma oração específica, ela deve voltar para o início da oração. Com a Shechiná no aspecto de Malchut devemos começar com temor ante a Torah ou com ato de Mitzvah. Do ponto de vista do Santo, bendito seja Ele, que é Zeir Anpin, a Torah precede o temor em todos os preceitos. Os quatro aspectos: Temor, Amor, Torá e Mitzvah nas dez sefirot de Zeir Anpin יקוק obtêm uma dimensão completa da força de Luz; e com as dez sefirot de Malchut אדני, fazem o circuito da luz direta e de retorno. Este é o segredo de Temor e Amor, que é יה (Chochmah e Binah), “o oculto”, a mente e o coração devem conectar antes “o revelado”, וה (Zeir Anpin e Malchut), que tornam-se disponíveis para trabalharmos e manifestarmos.

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Daily Zohar – Tikunim – #24

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-21″ title=”Daily Zohar -24″ src=”” alt=”Daily Zohar -24″ />

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