Thank you all for being part of this wonderful journey. It’s just a moment in time to celebrate but not to rest. I am happy and humble for the gift God gave me to be able to share my daily zohar studies with so many around the world.
I want to thank God, rabbi Shimon, the Holy Ari, Rabbi Ashlag, Rabbi Brandwein and many other great Kabbalists that I continue to study from them everyday. Many thanks to those who continue to support the Daily Zohar. Hashem and Rabbi Shimon bless them for their contributions. Thank you all for keeping your candles lit with the light of the Zohar. You have great part in reducing the chaos in the world. With every Zohar study that you study, listen, scan together with so many others around the world, you reveal the light of the Zohar that push away a lot of darkness. Without your connections the world would’ve been a darker place.
B”H the coming year would be a year of Mashaich. Until then and beyond i’ll continue with the daily studies and the DZ projects. I wish and pray to Hashem to bestow on me the power to continue on this path and do more. Please pray for me to have the wisdom and the strength to continue this work. I plan to have new special projects that all would love and appreciate; make special studied of the Tree of Life in a clear way for every person to understand, new page for spiritual and physical health, print special editions of Zohar text, make new, useful and exciting apps for smartphones.
We updated the Tzadikim app with the addition of Russian language and many tzadikim information already been translated to Russian (many thanks to AS). We added more Tzadikim, pictures, videos, info and will continue adding as new information comes to us. A new updated version of the Unity Zohar app will be released in the next few days with special features.
My time is very limited because I have a full day job to support the family. To make progress I pay others to do the professional work on the projects while I focus on the Zohar studies and writing the website.
Your support is very important to the progress of the DZ projects. Consider sharing your tithe and Tzedakah with the Daily Zohar and be blessed.
Please share in the comments section below your personal experience with the study of the Daily Zohar. I’d like to read your suggestion for added features or any other comment or question.