About two weeks ago I started writing the Daily Zohar commentary in a new format. Each Zohar paragraph is now translated based on its meaning.Rabbi Ashlag of blessed memory made the amazing commentary of the Zohar, “Hasulam” and I study and share it with you in my work.
Literal Zohar translation would be unintelligent for people without prior knowledge of Torah, Hebrew and Aramaic. In addition to the explanation of the Zohar paragraph I add a short lesson to expand and connect the teachings to our lives. I’ll put more efforts to cover all the points that Rabbi Ashlag brings in his commentary.
I follow the sequence of the Zohar paragraphs, skipping nothing. Each study continues the previous one. It is important to study the Zohar in sequence. Skipping is the aspect of breaking the flow of light. When we move to the next portions, I go back to where I left in previous year.
The Daily Zohar is not always sync with the weekly portion because some Zohar portions are short and we finished with its study in previous years. Some portions have no Zohar text study. If I finished with a Zohar portion, I will continue with the previous parasha or with the next one.
FYI. The original Zohar didn’t come with paragraph numbers. Rabbi Ashlag of blessed memory added paragraph numbers to make it easier to study and reference a specific Zohar text.
Our paragraph numbers match the numbers of Zohar Hasulam and you can cross reference with other printed Zohar editions.
The new format will make it easier to add the commentaries to the Unity Zohar database and satisfy many requests by users. B”H we’ll do that when we have the budget for it.
We are also working on redesigning the website and make it easier to locate and access important tools, studies and more new features.
After the successful Tzadikim and Unity Zohar apps, a new and exciting third app is in progress and b”h we’ll be able to launch it soon. If you benefit and appreciate our work, please consider making a donation and share the merits.
With love and blessings