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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -1019
Hebrew translation:

Tikkun 3 – 4

Skin is the aspect of Malchut and it reveals the upper spiritual ‘faces’ that are different spiritual entities and each one includes the Ten Sefirot. Our ‘image’ and spiritual work is reflected on the skin.

The heart is the aspect of the Altar in the Holy Temple that is the place that accepts the sacrifices and burns the offerings. The blood is where the life force is present. The heart warms the blood with the energy received through the lungs and it travels through the body to bring the life force and give opportunity to every unit to burn on the Altar and transform.

This is the reason to the renewal process in the body where the skin, that is Malchut and in contact with negativity, is changed frequently. The flesh is secondary, followed by Sinews and bones.

This is an amazing revelation of the Zohar that teaches us that we can transform ourselves completely if we are ready to let go of our inner negativity. The body of a righteous person doesn’t decay in the ground. When the body is transformed into pure light, it pushes away all negativity.

Every heart beat is a precious tool to sacrifice another part of the body to purify it and enrich the soul with more pure light. It would be a good exercise to have meditation session where we can inject commands to the heart and blood to burn all negativity from the body. In a silent state, listen to your heart and ‘instruct’ it to take ‘fuel’ from the lungs and spread ‘fire’ in the body to remove all negativity. Focus on each body part as they represent different aspect of the spiritual level and aspect of the Tikun. Use the names from the Tikkun Hanefesh as forces that come with the fire to remove the negativity and reside in their place.

The ‘Tikun HaNefesh’ is commonly used by people for healing but it is a powerful tool taught to us by the Holy Ari (and spread out to many people with the teaching of the Kabbalah Centre) to make our body a purer channel for the light.
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