Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -111.

Tikkun #6 – continue

Before Moses kill the Egyptian, it said “ויפן כה וכה”, literal translation is “and he turn to here and there”. Moses was actually looking for the spiritual energy of the Egyptian to see if he has light within him. The Torah said that he didn’t find any man. The man is the light of the person accumulated by his positive actions. Moses didn’t have to touch the Egyptian. Moses was on the level of Da’at and when he couldn’t see any light in the Egyptian past or future an immediate disconnection of the light to the Egyptian occurred and fell dead.

The Zohar tells us here that there are few people in Teshuva, which is the process to draw light to Malchut.
Everyone turn to their ways and businesses and when they pray in Yom Kippur for their sustenance they are like barking dogs. Shamelessly asking for their beneficent for for their selfish pleasure.
Those are the Erev Rav (Mix Multitude) that their good actions done to gain something in return.