Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -116.

Tikkun #6 – continue

One of the tools we use in the Holiday of Sukkoth is the Lulav, which is a palm branch with Myrtle and willow branches put in together with the Etrog (a special citrus fruit). Shaking this tool help us draw the spiritual energy of the Sukkah from all six directions, South for Chessed, North for Gevurah, East for Tiferet, Up for Netzach, Down for Hod and West for Yesod. We are at the center as Malchut that receives the light from all spiritual directions.

This connection is best done when using the Lulav inside the Suakkah with the meditation of the upper three letters of the YHVH יוד הא ואו in different permutation and Nikkud (vowels) that matches the light of the Sefira in the connection.