Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -119.

Tikkun #6 – continue

The male souls need to connect with matching female soul, which is like the nest for the holy. Rabbi Shimon explains that reincarnation process is like planting trees together to create a new and better tree.
There trees from the impure system and should not be connected with good tree.
This is the secret of why righteous suffers and wicked prosper. The righteous that was wicked in previous incarnation, suffers in this life time to correct actions from previous life. A wicked that prosper were good in previous life.
This is the secret of the three times Noah sent the dove to check is she could find rest. The soul goes throughout the correction of the three levels of the soul, Nefesh, Rouah and Neshama. When Noah sent the dove the last time she didn’t come back because the correction process was completed.

Our suffering in this world is the result of our actions that brought the distraction of the Holy Temple. The Holy One, Bless be He, wondered out of the Nest.
Our suffering will stop when we complete the correction. The third Temple is at the level of Neshama and is ready for us. The previous destruction just created the next level of the Holy Temple and the pain and suffering is the process of elevation to reach that level.

If you think that are righteous and still suffer then you should know now that you are paying for previous life actions and for the Third Temple to come down. Today, Amen.

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