Daily Zohar 1199
Daily Zohar 1199
Zohar Pinchas, Vol. 20 (English)/Vol 15 (Hebrew)
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -1199
Hebrew translation:

רַעְיָא מְהֵימְנָא
365. אָמַר הָרוֹעֶה הַנֶּאֱמָן, וַדַּאי אַחַר שֶׁהָאֵיבָרִים וְהָעוֹרְקִים שֶׁל הַלֵּב, שֶׁדּוֹמִים לְיִשְׂרָאֵל, הֵם בְּצָרָה. צְרִיכִים לְעוֹרְרָם בְּקָנֶה, שֶׁהוּא שׁוֹפָר. וְזֶה קָנֶה שֶׁל רֵאָה. אַחַר שֶׁכַּנְפֵי רֵאָה לֹא יְכוֹלוֹת לְהַשְׁקִיט רֹגֶז הַמָּרָה שֶׁמִּתְגַּבֶּרֶת עַל עוֹרְקֵי הַלֵּב, וְעַל כָּל הָעוֹרְקִים שֶׁל הָאֵיבָרִים שֶׁל הַגּוּף. אוֹתָהּ הָרוּחַ שֶׁנּוֹשֶׁבֶת בָּהֶם עוֹלָה בְּקָנֶה, שֶׁהוּא שׁוֹפָר, עוֹלָם הַבָּא. שֶׁכָּךְ פֵּרְשׁוּהוּ, וֵשֶׁט דּוֹמֶה לָעוֹלָם הַזֶּה, שֶׁבּוֹ אֲכִילָה וּשְׁתִיָּה. קָנֶה דּוֹמֶה לָעוֹלָם הַבָּא, שֶׁאֵין בּוֹ אֲכִילָה וּשְׁתִיָּה.
366. וְאַחַר שֶׁשָּׁט אוֹת ו’ מִן וֵשֶׁט, בְּרִבּוּי אֲכִילָה שֶׁל גָּזֵל, נִתְאָרֵךְ וְנַעֲשֶׂה שָׂטָן. וּמִי גָרַם אֶת זֶה? שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר (במדבר יא) שָׁטוּ הָעָם וְלָקְטוּ. הַשְּׁטוּת שֶׁלָּהֶם שֶׁנִּתְעָרְבוּ בְּעֵרֶב רַב הַשּׁוֹטִים, שֶׁהַתַּאֲוָה שֶׁלָּהֶם הִיא אֲכִילָה וּשְׁתִיָּה שֶׁל גָּזֵל וְחָמָס שֶׁל (תהלים יב) שֹׁד עֲנִיִּים וְאֶנְקַת אֶבְיוֹנִים. בְּאוֹת נוּ”ן כְּפוּפָה, הַשּׁוֹטִים, שֶׁאוֹכְלִים וּבְלִי לִטְחֹן. מַה כָּתוּב בָּהֶם? (במדבר יא) הַבָּשָׂר עוֹדֶנּוּ בֵּין שִׁנֵּיהֶם טֶרֶם יִכָּרֵת וְאַף ה’ חָרָה בָעָם. נִתְפַּשְּׁטָה אוֹת ו’ שֶׁל שָׁטוּ, אוֹתוֹ שֶׁרוּחוֹ כָּפוּף, וְהוּא אוֹת נ’. וְזֶה גָּרַם שֶׁהִתְפַּשֵּׁט הַשָּׂטָן בַּאֲכִילָה וּשְׁתִיָּה, וּמִתְגַּבֵּר עַל כָּל אֵיבָרִים וְעוֹרְקִים בִּשְׁלֹשׁ מֵאוֹת שִׁשִּׁים וְחָמֵשׁ מִצְווֹת לֹא תַעֲשֶׂה. כְּחֶשְׁבּוֹן הַשָּׂטָ”ן חָסֵר אֶחָד, זֶה יוֹם הַכִּפּוּרִים, שֶׁאֵין בּוֹ אֲכִילָה וּשְׁתִיָּה.


Pinchas 365, 366

The ‘Faithful Shepherd’, who is Moses, teaches us that the body parts and the arteries of the heart are the aspect of the Israelites. When they are in trouble, meaning a state of judgment, they should awaken the sound in the windpipe (Trachea) that is the secret of the Shofar.
The Bile that represents the judgment brought by the Klipah, raises the anger in the body. The lungs try to ‘cool’ it with the light of Chassadim that blows inside of them but fail to do so because the bile takes over the arteries that run through the body. The Light of Chassadim in the lungs goes upward in the windpipe and makes a connection to Binah. The esophagus, ושט is the food pipe and the aspect of the lower world because it handles materials. The windpipe doesn’t come in contact with food and it is on a higher level.

The food goes down the esophagus ושט and stretches the letter Vav ו down to make it final Nun ן the letters ושט become שטן, ‘Satan’.

Numbers 11:33
“ הַבָּשָׂר, עוֹדֶנּוּ בֵּין שִׁנֵּיהֶם–טֶרֶם, יִכָּרֵת; וְאַף יְהוָה, חָרָה בָעָם”
“While the flesh was yet between their teeth, ere it was chewed, the anger of YHVH was kindled against the people”

The people complained to God about the Manna and asked for meat. God sent them the quails, which they picked during day, night and day. They swallowed the meat before it was processed between their teeth and because of that, as explained above, they drew the negative aspect of the food. The quails came from the sea and the people picked them from the ground. The manna came from he heavens and they could only pick whatever they could eat and process with the power of their thoughts.

The physicality of food includes the aspect of death in it. When we eat in moderation and chew the food properly before letting it go down, then it is a positive connection to the energy of the food. The more we chew the food, the more Light of Chassadim we draw into the food that we consume.

On Yom Kippur, we do not eat and we have complete disconnection from Satan. Fasting allows us to connect and draw the Light of Binah without interruptions.
‘The Satan’ השטן has numerical value of 364, that is one less from the number of days in the year. This is the day of Yom Kippur.