Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -127.

Tikkun #10 – continue

When the time will come to remove all idol worshiping, which are all aspects of desire for the self alone. Then will have the whole earth full of his glory. Isaiah 6:3 “מלא כל הארץ כבודו”.
“כבודו” usually translates to “Glory” or “Honor” This word implies revelation of light from YHVH.

In Leviticus 9:6 Moses instruct the Priests to follow certain process to bring revelation of YHVH. After they completed their actions, (Lev. 9:23.) we see that YHVH revealed to the whole nation.

In Ezekiel 1 he prophet reveal the heavenly system with the angels like asking “Where is his place of honor..” “איה מקום כבודו”. The Holy Ari, explains that איה is for את יום השבת, “The day of Shabbat”.
On Shabbat we can connect to the upper three Sefirot and enjoy the revelation of YHVH.
Those three words are one of the important part in the prayer on Shabbat.
The א for אהיה and is the connection to Keter. יה are Chokmah and Binah.

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