Daily Zohar 1464

Daily Zohar 1464

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -1464
Hebrew translation:

7. מִשּׁוּם כָּךְ הַתְחָלַת הַתּוֹרָה ה’, שֶׁהֲרֵי הַתּוֹרָה (פֵּרוֹתֶיהָ הֵם הָרְפוּאָה) הִיא רְפוּאַת הָעוֹלָם. וּמִשּׁוּם כָּךְ, מִי שֶׁמִּשְׁתַּדֵּל בַּתּוֹרָה כְּאִלּוּ הִשְׁתַּדֵּל בַּשֵּׁם הַקָּדוֹשׁ. וַהֲרֵי נִתְבָּאֵר שֶׁכָּל הַתּוֹרָה הִיא שֵׁם קָדוֹשׁ אֶחָד עֶלְיוֹן, וּמִשּׁוּם שֶׁהִיא שֵׁם קָדוֹשׁ, הִיא פּוֹתַחַת בְּבֵית, שֶׁהִיא הַכְּלָל שֶׁל הַשֵּׁם הַקָּדוֹשׁ בִּשְׁלֹשֶׁת קִשְׁרֵי הָאֱמוּנָה.
8. בֹּא רְאֵה, כָּל אֵלּוּ שֶׁמִּשְׁתַּדְּלִים בַּתּוֹרָה, נִדְבָּקִים בַּקָּדוֹשׁ-בָּרוּךְ-הוּא, וּמִתְעַטְּרִים בְּעַטְרוֹת הַתּוֹרָה, וַאֲהוּבִים לְמַעְלָה וּלְמַטָּה, וְהַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא מוֹשִׁיט לָהֶם אֶת יְמִינוֹ (וְהַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא רוֹשֵׁם אוֹתָם). כָּל שֶׁכֵּן אוֹתָם שֶׁמִּשְׁתַּדְּלִים בַּתּוֹרָה גַּם בַּלַּיְלָה, וַהֲרֵי פֵּרְשׁוּהָ שֶׁהֵם מִשְׁתַּתְּפִים עִם הַשְּׁכִינָה (בִּכְנֶסֶת יִשְׂרָאֵל) וּמִתְחַבְּרִים כְּאֶחָד. וּכְשֶׁבָּא הַבֹּקֶר, הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא מְעַטֵּר אוֹתָם בְּחוּט אֶחָד שֶׁל חֶסֶד, לְהִוָּדַע בֵּין עֶלְיוֹנִים וְתַחְתּוֹנִים.
9. וְכָל אוֹתָם כּוֹכְבֵי בֹקֶר, בְּשָׁעָה שֶׁכְּנֶסֶת יִשְׂרָאֵל וְכָל אוֹתָם שֶׁעוֹסְקִים בַּתּוֹרָה בָּאִים לְהֵרָאוֹת לִפְנֵי הַמֶּלֶךְ, כֻּלָּם מְזַמְּרִים כְּאֶחָד. זֶהוּ שֶׁכָּתוּב בְּרָן יַחַד כּוֹכְבֵי בֹקֶר וַיָּרִיעוּ כָּל בְּנֵי אֱלֹהִים. מַה זֶּה וַיָּרִיעוּ? כְּמוֹ שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר (ישעיה כד) רֹעָה הִתְרֹעֲעָה הָאָרֶץ. שֶׁאוֹתָם דִּינִים מִשְׁתַּבְּרִים, וְכֻלָּם נִשְׁבָּרִים מִלִּפְנֵי הַבֹּקֶר, כְּשֶׁמִּתְעוֹרֵר בֹּקֶר בָּעוֹלָם, כְּמוֹ שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר (בראשית כב) וַיַּשְׁכֵּם אַבְרָהָם בַּבֹּקֶר. וְעַל כֵּן – וַיָּרִיעוּ כָּל בְּנֵי אֱלֹהִים.


Zohar Shemini

The Holy Ari in the Gates of Reincarnations reveals to us that the souls of Nadav and Avihu came from the soul level of Nefesh of Adam. Nadav also had parts of the level of Ruach of Adam. The brothers were responsible for a high level correction.

Nadav and Avihu saw that the Holy Tabernacle was completed. They received the knowledge of processing the sacrifices to draw light to the world from Moses. They expected to see the glory of the Shechina in its completeness in the Tabernacle but it wasn’t there. They decided not to wait for Moses and Aaron, and go ahead with the sacrifice that was supposed to draw the full revelation of the Shechina and permanent unification of the Light in Malchut.

They did the right thing, but their vessel was not ready for it. God’s plan was to give the people tool of connection while the unification of Light and vessel was planned for the seventh day, Shabbat. God knew their intention but it wasn’t the right time. The fire that was supposed to come on their sacrifice, split into four lines of fire, entered their nostrils and took their souls. They were elevated to a higher level. Their bodies died but were kept in complete and pure state.
Another aspect of their death was for Aharon to correct his part in the sin of the Golden Calf.

We can learn about that when Moshe came to Aharon and said;
Leviticus 10:3
“וַיֹּאמֶר מֹשֶׁה אֶל-אַהֲרֹן, הוּא אֲשֶׁר-דִּבֶּר יְהוָה לֵאמֹר בִּקְרֹבַי אֶקָּדֵשׁ, וְעַל-פְּנֵי כָל-הָעָם, אֶכָּבֵד; וַיִּדֹּם, אַהֲרֹן.”
“Then Moses said to Aaron, “This is what YHVH has said: ‘Among those who are near me I will be sanctified, and before all the people I will be glorified.’” And Aaron held his peace.”

Moshe’s word to Aharon reveals some of it. “בִּקְרֹבַי אֶקָּדֵשׁ”, literal meaning is “with the ones close to me I will be sanctified”. The deeper meaning is revealed when we look at the words Moshe used. “בִּקְרֹבַי” comes from the root “קרב ” which is also root for “קרבן” (“sacrifices”) and the word “אֶקָּדֵשׁ” from the root “קדש” that means Holy. This word relates to connection to the higher level. “קדיש” that we say during the prayers connects us between the different levels of the prayer connection. “קידוש” that is done after the prayer, makes the final and most important connection of spiritual to physical.

In a comment on the previous DZ, Lea raised the teaching of a Kabbalist ‘Megale Amukot’ on this portion about the initials of Nadav and Avihu נא that is found in Moses’s prayer for healing of his sister, Miriam, אל נא רפא נא לה “El Na Refa Na Lah”.
The ‘Megale Amukot’ reveals that Moses didn’t want to use his power of healing for his sister to avoid the judgment of the people. He addressed the power of the priests, Aaron (אל,’El’), Nadav and Avihu (נא,’Na’), ‘Refa’, is healing channel, ‘Na’, נא is again for the pure channels of Nadav and Avihu, ‘Lah’, ‘for her’ (Miriam)

The souls of Nadav and Avihu were souls of priest on the highest level. They were kept out of the correction process, waiting for Pinchas to receive them. As we learned previously, Pinchas stopped the death from spreading in the camp of Israel. After he killed Zimri and Kozbi that caused the situation, his soul left his body. The two souls of Nadav and Avihu entered his body and earned him immortality and eternal priesthood inherited from his uncles, Nadav and Avihu.

We can inherit immortality too. Read in the next DZ.