Daily Zohar 1551

Daily Zohar 1551

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -1551
Hebrew translation:

1. וַיַּרְא בָּלָק בֶּן צִפּוֹר וְגוֹ’. רַבִּי שִׁמְעוֹן אָמַר, וַיַּרְא, אֵיזוֹ רְאִיָּה רָאָה? וַדַּאי רְאִיָּה מַמָּשׁ רָאָה בְּמַשְׁקוֹף הַחָכְמָה, וְרָאָה בְעֵינָיו. רָאָה בְּמַשְׁקוֹף הַחָכְמָה, כְּמוֹ שֶׁכָּתוּב (בראשית כו) וַיַּשְׁקֵף אֲבִימֶלֶךְ מֶלֶךְ פְּלִשְׁתִּים בְּעַד הַחַלּוֹן. מַה זֶּה בְּעַד הַחַלּוֹן? כְּמוֹ שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר (שופטים ה) בְּעַד הַחַלּוֹן נִשְׁקְפָה וַתְּיַבֵּב אֵם סִיסְרָא. (אֶלָּא) (וַדַּאי) חַלּוֹן הַחָכְמָה שֶׁל זַנְבוֹת שׁוּלֵי הַכּוֹכָבִים, וְהֵם חַלּוֹנֵי הַחָכְמָה. וְיֵשׁ חַלּוֹן אֶחָד שֶׁכָּל הַחָכְמָה שׁוֹרָה בּוֹ, וּבוֹ רוֹאֶה מִי שֶׁרוֹאֶה בְּעִקַּר הַחָכְמָה. אַף כָּאן וַיַּרְא בָּלָק, בְּחָכְמָתוֹ.
2. בֶּן צִפּוֹר, כְּמוֹ שֶׁאָמְרוּ. אֲבָל בֶּן צִפּוֹר מַמָּשׁ, שֶׁהֲרֵי כְּשָׁפָיו הָיוּ בְכַמָּה מִינִים שֶׁל אוֹתָהּ צִפּוֹר. לוֹקֵחַ צִפּוֹר, מְכַשְׁכֵּשׁ בְּעֵשֶׂב, מַפְרִיחַ בָּאֲוִיר, עוֹשֶׂה מַעֲשִׂים וְלוֹחֵשׁ לְחָשִׁים, וְאוֹתָהּ צִפּוֹר הָיְתָה בָּאָה וְאוֹתוֹ עֵשֶׂב בְּפִיהָ, (פּוֹרַחַת בָּאֲוִיר) מְצַפְצֶפֶת לְפָנָיו. וּמַכְנִיסָהּ בִּכְלוּב אֶחָד. מְקַטֵּר קְטֹרֶת לְפָנֶיהָ, וּמוֹדִיעָה לוֹ כַּמָּה דְבָרִים. עוֹשֶׂה כְשָׁפָיו, וְהָעוֹף מְצַפְצֵף, פּוֹרֵחַ וְטָס אֵצֶל גְּלוּי עֵינַיִם וּמוֹדִיעַ לוֹ, וְהוּא בָּא. וְכָל דְּבָרָיו בְּאוֹתָהּ צִפּוֹר הָיוּ.

Zohar Balak

Proverbs 22:9
” טוֹב-עַיִן, הוּא יְבֹרָךְ: כִּי-נָתַן מִלַּחְמוֹ לַדָּל ”
“The good of eye — he is blessed, For he has given of his bread to the poor.”

The Holy Ari reveals to us that Moses’s root soul came from the good side of “הבל” (Abel, the son of Adam), which is the letter ה, and Balaam came from the bad side, which is the letters בל. They were both connected to the sefira of דעת, Moshe was connected to the side of holiness, and Balaam to the negativity and impurity. They were both prophets.

Balak was a grand magician with deeper understanding and knowledge of the spiritual system. He knew what needed to be done in order to eliminate the growth of the Israelites and the threat to his position.
He knew that Balaam was at the same level of Moses from the negative side and that he would be the only one that could separate the connection of Moses and the Israelites to the Light from their root. That was by using the power of words. No well equipped armies and no sophisticated weapons of mass destructions. Few well selected words by the right person could do the job.

The words come out of the mouth as “הבל”, “vapor” of the mouth. The Ari explains that Balaam, with his words and consciousness, wanted to connect Moses and himself together again (as they were in Abel) and let the evil side (Balaam) overcome the good (Moses).

Another connection to the name is in Numbers 23:20
הִנֵּה בָרֵךְ, לָקָחְתִּי; וּבֵרֵךְ, וְלֹא אֲשִׁיבֶנָּה”, the first letters of the first three words are spelled “הבל”, the Holy Ari explains that this was where he wanted to take the good from Moses.
Bringing negativity on Moses would have caused him to disconnect from his higher root of the level of Da’at “דעת”. This sefira is actually the result of the connection of Chokmah and Binah (Aba and Ima or Supernal Father and Mother). As a connection to the Light for the whole nation of Yisrael, Balaam and Balak knew that if they were successful, it would have been like a spiritual beheading for the Israelites.

The Torah stories tell a lot about the ‘fight’ between good and bad. This is our life from the first day when we (Adam) were born in an environment where negativity (the Snake) is always around us.

Our Tikkun is to close all the ‘holes’ created by our negativity with Light that will protect us when in need of it and keep the Snake from coming in to hurt us.