Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -162.

Tikkun #14 – continue

Rabbi Shimon stood up in his place and ask Elijah- why the verse in Exodus 23:19 about bringing the first fruits is combine with forbidding the eating of a young goat in his mother’s milk (while still nursing).
(Discussion we brought in Daily Zohar 161)

Elijah came down immediately and said that this is a big secret and it is connected to Deuteronomy 22:10 “you shall not plow with an ox and an ass together”

The explanation is that Ox is from the Holy side and ass is from the negative.
Rabbi Shimon argued that the meat and the milk of the goat are both from the pure side then why there is restriction on it.
Elijah quoted Genesis 1:24 “And God said let the land produce living creature according to their kind…”

From that we learn that each creation has its own kind with the same energy root. Mixing pure and impure will not let the positive energy flow as we want it.

Doing good for the wrong reasons will only drain our energy.
We should not say anything that our heart doesn’t agree with because it can turn negative on us.
If you don’t want your words to be quoted publicly don’t bring them out because negativity will control it.
Choose your partners carefully.

Every action should be attached with positive consciousness.