Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -163.

Tikkun #14

This section mention Exodus 22:28
מְלֵאָתְךָ וְדִמְעֲךָ, לֹא תְאַחֵר; בְּכוֹר בָּנֶיךָ, תִּתֶּן-לִי.
“Thou shalt not delay to offer of the fulness of thy harvest, and of the outflow of thy presses. The first-born of thy sons shalt thou give unto Me.”

I copied the English translation from the JPS 1917 Edition that usually it is close to the Hebrew text but this verse would be even hard for a Hebrew scholar to explain in plain Hebrew before going deeper into the meaning.

My literal translation is “Your fullness and tear, don’t be late; the first born of your sons, you will give me.”

The Zohar connects this verse to the one in Exodus 23:19, (which we discussed in the Daily Zohar 161 and 162) and makes connection to the unification of man and woman and transfer of the seeds.
There is a connection to how fast the soul mates will meet.

I hope to finish my study of this section and share its teaching. The Holy Ari used to study with tears to get into the deeper understanding of Zohar sections.

What we can learn from this is that even if we read the Hebrew or Aramaic it doesn’t guarantee understanding, even if the words make some sense.

What is important is to know that the Zohar discusses all the issues at their root level. Like with a tree, we don’t see the root but they are the origin and the cause to the branches that we see on the tree.
Connecting to the root even without seeing it helps us affect the branch at where we are.
The connection to the root is done using the Hebrew letters, which are the root of all creations and the vibration of the ‘sound’ of the Creator when he said “let there be….”.

Even if you are a Hebrew professor, scan the text without trying to understand it. It will positively affect you at the root level beyond what you can understand.

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