Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -193.

Tikkun 18 Continue

The Shabbat prayers create elevation to the upper three Sefirot beginning with Friday afternoon when Malchut begins its elevation to Binah. Zeir Anpin is unified with Malchut in Binah. Shabbat morning with the Torah reading the light of this connection is spread out.
In the afternoon of Shabbat the Light of the supernal father is revealed. We can then tap to that pure energy with prayer and meditation.

It is the time that the Creator came with the will to create the world. This gives us a weekly unique opportunity to meditate with a personal wish.

This supernal light also connects up to the power of healing as it comes from Arich Anpin (the aspect of the father of creation where this world exists in purity)
At the Kidush of the third meal we mention the Manna, the ‘bread’ that the Israelites ate in the wilderness. It had pure energy that turned to be any kind of food they desired.

The consciousness power is at the highest level on Shabbat afternoon and we should take the opportunity to use it and meditate for ourselves (and also include others).