Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -212.

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Our spiritual vessel is formed with the Sefirot of Chessed to Hod. Binah on the above fills up the vessel with the Light and Yessod on the below delivers it to Malchut, which is the process of manifesting that light in our actions.

The five levels of the vessel requires the 5 books of the Torah to open the channel ו to Binah ה on the seventh day, which is Shabbat. It is at the closer point to Binah. The cycle of the week begins with Sunday as Chessed, Monday Gevurah, Tuesday Tiferet, Wednesday Netzach, Thursday Hod, Friday Yessod and Friday evening we are connecting to Malchut, which elevated to Binah. On Shabbat Morning we open the Torah as the channel, Zeir Anpin, and connect to Binah to draw the light for the whole week. We “energize” the three levels of our soul Nefesh, Ruach and Neshamah.

The week days are our opportunity to use the light of Shabbat to be better and build a greater vessel for the next Shabbat when the cycle repeats itself. It we had a “good working” week then we arrive to Shabbat with a better and bigger vessel.

If someone asks you how your Shabbat or your weekend was, then if your soul grew and changed during the previous week, the answer should be “The Best Ever”.

How was your Shabbat?