Daily Zohar 2254

Daily Zohar 2254

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2254

Hebrew translation:

34. וּמַה דְּאַמְרֵי חַבְרָנָא בְּסִפְרֵי קַדְמָאֵי, דְּאִינּוּן דַּרְגִּין דְּאִתְבְּרִיאוּ, וְעַתִּיקָא קַדִּישָׁא אִתְגְּלֵי בְּהוּ, בְּכָל חַד וְחַד. מִשּׁוּם דְּאִינּוּן תִּקּוּנִין דְּעַתִּיקָא קַדִּישָׁא. לָאו הַשְׁתָּא עִידָנָא לְהָנֵי מִלִּין דְּהָא אֲמֵינָא לוֹן בְּאִדָּרָא קַדִּישָׁא. וַחֲמֵינָא מַה דְּלָא יְדַעְנָא הָכִי, וְעַד הַשְׁתָּא אַסְתִּים בְּלִבָּאִי מִלָּה. וְהַשְּׁתָּא אֲנָא בִּלְחוֹדָאי אַסְהִידְנָא קַמֵּי מַלְכָּא קַדִּישָׁא, וְכָל הָנֵי זַכָּאֵי קְשׁוֹט דְּאָתוּ לְמִשְׁמַע מִלִּין אִלֵּין.
35. גּוּלְגַּלְתָּא דְּרֵישָׁא חִוָּורָא, לָאו בֵּיהּ שִׁירוּתָא וְסִיּוּמָא. קוּלְטְרָא דְּקִטְפוֹי, אִתְפְּשָּׁט וְאִתְנְהִיר, וּמִנֵּיהּ יַרְתוּן צַדִּיקַיָּיא ד’ מְאָה עָלְמִין דְּכִסּוּפִין לְעָלְמָא דְּאָתֵי. מֵהַאי קוּלְטְרָא דְּקִטְפָא, דְּהִיא גּוּלְגַּלְתָּא חִוָּורָא, נָטִיף טַלָּא כָּל יוֹמָא, לְהַהוּא זְעֵיר אַנְפִּין, לַאֲתָר דְּאִתְקְרֵי שָׁמַיִם, וּבֵיהּ זְמִינִין מֵיתַיָּיא לַאֲחַיָּיא לְזִמְנָא דְּאָתֵי. דִּכְתִּיב, (בראשית כז) וְיִתֶּן לְךָ הָאֱלֹהִים מִטַּל הַשָּׁמַיִם. וְאִתְמַלְּיָיא רֵישֵׁיהּ, וּמֵהַהוּא זְעֵיר אַפִּין, נָטִיף לַחֲקַל תַּפּוּחִין. וְכָל חֲקַל תַּפּוּחִין, נְהִירִין מֵהַהוּא טַלָּא.


Zohar Ha’azinu

Idra Zuta – Continued

The Zohar continues to describe the of the Lights from the Endless to Keter and below. It would be difficult to explain the process in few paragraphs. The Holy Ari wrote two books to explain the coded language of the Zohar. Rabbi Ashlag wrote a study of ten luminous emanations in 7 volumes.

I will explain here in short the essence of the first and second Tzimtzum to get the picture of how and why the world was created.

The first Tzimtzum is when the Endless Light decided to restrict its Light in some space in order to create the four worlds and the governing system of YHVH.

So the first Tzimtzum created a space of darkness and that is the seed to all judgments.This was something new that was never in the Endless. The question is if that empty and dark space is truly void of Light or not. The quick answer is not. The dark space has laws so the Endless is still there but we can’t see its Light. The space is the foundation of Malchut that was all judgment and the absolute desire for the self alone. A man created in this kind of world would not give his freedom to choose Light because it wasn’t in existence.

The second Tzimtzum had to happen to introduce Light into Malchut. In this process Malchut was elevated to Binah to receive the Life force and the aspect of Mercy to be able to act in the dark existence.

After the elevation to Binah Malchut came down leaving the higher Light behind. Its vessel was ‘impressed’ with the Light that gave it desire for the Light. It also created the aspect of time and a desire to connect Malchut and Binah.

Man could be created in this world with freedom to choose between Light and darkness, seeking ascension to Binah or dwell in the desire for the self alone that comes with judgments.

It’s a good place to include a study from Rabbi Avraham Brandwein, ZT”L related to the portion of Ha’azinu, specifically verse 32:7 “Remember the days of old, Consider the years of all generations. Ask your father, and he will inform you, Your elders, and they will tell you.”

The question is how can we tell about the future from the present.

Rabbi Brandwein explains that the body has desires for pleasures that are in the present. For example the body of a person with diabetes may have desires for a nice creamy sweet cake but the mind knows that the pleasures of now would bring sickness or even death if he pursueed the desires of the body. To know what to expect in the future we need to control the present and avoid pleasures with negative consequences.

The Torah teaches us to choose life, which is Binah, so we can have life, which is immortality in the future. To achieve that we need to follow the ways of the Torah and Zohar. The temporary pleasures of life distract us from doing the work that was assigned for us in the process of Creation which is “to make”.

Genesis 2:3 “And God blessed the seventh day, and hallowed it; because that in it He rested from all His work which God created to make”

To make is to build a strong path to Binah and stay there in immortal state.