Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -226.

Tikkun 19 – 6

Our individual and the generational Tikkun is counted during the six millennia toward the revelation of the light of the Final redemption. We are in the year 5770 close to the end of the sixth millennia since creation. It is the time of ‘Friday Night’ and the gate is soon to be opened forever as intended on the first day, before the sin.

The sages tell us that the time of Mashiach will be like a day that is all Shabbat.

The dew in the verse refers to the name YHVH without the H of Malchut in its expanded (spelled out) form יוד הא ואו with numerical value 39, same as dew טל.

The same dew is for the resurrection of the dead which is the upper light of YHV that will bring the life force that awaits us from the day of creation.