Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -234.

Tikkun 19-13

Shuruk is the secret of a Tzaddik that connects upper and lower. The Vav of the Shuruk is the Channel and it is a vehicle for upper light of Cholam (the dot above the letter) and the Chirik (the dot below).
The work of the Tzaddik that is to unify upper and lower is represented by the Shuruk.
Shuruk - The dot is in the middle of the letter vavCholam - The dot is above the top of the lettersChirik - The dot is below the baseline of the letters
The middle dot of the Shuruk is also in the aspect of the seed of light from the Concealed Light, “אור גנוז”, which is the light of Creation that a tzaddik can use to see beyond space and time.