Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -265.

Tikkun 21 – 6

The Snake that we constantly fight against, has the duty to block the light from getting into Malchut. It forces us into work of earning the light.

If we win over the Snake and connect the light to Malchut we reveal a higher level of light that the Zohar describes as Gold, זהב.

ז with a value of 7, relates to the 7 days of Creation.

ה implies to 5 times the word “Light” אור, that appears in the story of creation of the first day.

ב is for the first letter of the Torah.

The sages in the Talmud said “Greater the merit of a person that is asked to do a positive deed and does it, than a person that does it without being asked” .This saying initially doesn’t make sense but when we initiate a positive action we don’t have a fight with the Snake and there is not much ‘earning’ process, but when we are asked, then the Snake jumps to block us from revealing the light. To do the action we need to pass through him and that lets us ‘earn our gold’.