Daily Zohar 2945
Daily Zohar 2945
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2945
Hebrew translation:

No Hebrew translation for this Zohar

Zohar Yitro
Study of face reading starts with https://dailyzohar.com/daily-zohar-2648/
A person with a large forehead that does is not round have the aspect of ‘craziness’. This person bends down his head when he stands or walks. One aspect of craziness is visible to people and the person looks like a fool.
When there are four lines/wrinkles on the forehead by the sides of the eyes and based on the face expression, sometimes they are seen and sometimes not, that person laughs without a reason. His mouth is big and he’s not a productive person. Another side of this is a hidden mental imbalance that can’t be seen by people. His motivation is selfish and ‘show off’ even if he studies Torah and show knowledge, it is not for pure reasons but for people to notice and respect him.
We continue the study of how the inner spiritual state of a person is expressed on the ‘surface’. It’s a long Zohar study and it may be uninteresting to many. Nevertheless, the benefit of these studies is tremendous. I DO NOT recommend taking notes to be able to ‘read’ people because there are many factors that affect a true reading of a person. We do not want to get to a point of judging people unjustly with partial knowledge. Nevertheless, It is very important to read/scan the text carefully to connect to this knowledge on a spiritual level. This would be like ‘uploading’ a program into your mind (The matrix!). With that ‘programming’ in mind, we’d be able to understand people naturally, ‘smell’ their intentions and more.
Most students of Zohar already have this ability because the light of the studies elevates them to a higher spiritual level where they can feel immediately positive and negative people. The study of Yitro would enhance these abilities, even without drawing charts and graphs. Let these studies absorbed purely and spiritually in you as if you take vitamins that improve your health. You don’t need to learn about ingredients and how they affect your body, you just let it work its way as originally intended.
In additions to the Zohar studies, I’ll add some lessons about simple ‘techniques’ to guide you on how to approach such readings safely.
The first and main consciousness to have is to understand that the person you look at has the Light of God in him. The energy of life comes from God and if a person in front of you is breathing then there’s a spark of God in him. Whatever we say about him should be to bring out light, not diminish it. If we see or feel something negative or ‘fake’ radiating from that person, we simply move away quickly and quietly.