Daily Zohar 2946
Daily Zohar 2946
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2946
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No Hebrew translation for this Zohar

Happy Tu B’Shevat. It’s a good day to light candles for al the Tzadikim and make personal (non-selfish) wishes.
Zohar Yitro
A nice round forehead indicates a smart person with a great memory. Acquiring knowledge is easy for him even without a teacher. Wherever he puts efforts he succeeds. He can drive deep analysis from little things. He has a soft heart and doesn’t care much for material things. Even though he is wise, when it comes to money, sometimes he has success and sometimes he doesn’t.
If there are two lines above his eyes, one over the right eye and one over the left eye and also three large lines above them, it tells that this person has a lot of thoughts but keep them to himself because he doesn’t appreciate others. He mostly cares about his needs. Socially he behaves sometimes like a child and sometimes with wisdom.
Round face features represent softness and Chessed. Round forehead as explained above, it’s spiritual. Ears with round top tell about good imagination, the larger and higher above the line/level of the eyes, it gets more spiritual but at the same time could have ‘disturbance’ like crazy and sick thoughts/ideas (DO NOT judge! There are other factors to consider!).
Chin is about coming out in Malchut. Public exposure and type, positive or negative.
Mouth – Malchut/ expression. The shape of the mouth, its size compared to other features of the face tells about the type of expression. Normal size with nice lips is a balanced person. large= talks allot, ‘loose lips’. Narrow or lack of lips, lip ratio tells about quality and effective speaking. Round jaws/chin means normal/softer approach to this world. Square jaws or irregular represent an aspect of Gevurah, judgment, strength, command, determination and similar.