Daily Zohar 2947
Daily Zohar 2947
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2947
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Zohar Yitro
Eyes that are deep in the eye sockets tells that a person hides his thoughts, untrusted and can be a cheater and fraud.
There are four areas and shades of colors in the eyeball. 1. The white that in the outside of the eye, which is the same color for all people. 2. Black color around the eye connecting the white of Chessed and the black circle of the eye that is the aspect of Gevurah. 3. Green that implies Tiferet, and the border with the black. 4. The pupil in the center of the eye is black and implies Malchut. A person with these colors is positive and a happy person. He has positive thoughts that don’t always completely manifested. If he becomes spiritual and follows the Torah, he would have success. He should be encouraged to deal with the Torah that would make him successful.
The eyes are at the level of Chokmah. They are positioned at the highest point of the body, just below the brain that is the concealed wisdom.
The eyes ‘radiate’ energy and receive/connect to energy on a visual level. A spiritually elevated person with experience could read the thoughts of a person through their eyes. Do NOT DO THAT on people that you don’t know. If direct eye contact is made then there’s immediate communication and bidirectional transfers. It can be dangerous and absorb Evil Eyes and on a positive side (maybe), it can be heart capturing situation. A married man should never look into another woman’s eyes. Do not risk it!
There are many factors when reading people eyes. Size, colors, placed deep in or out, the distance between the two, may have two different colors. If you understand the aspects of the Sefira of Chokmah then it would be easier to read and interpret what the eyes tell.
Again, this information is for studying people and find the Light in them, not for offering personal opinions. Remember that we “do not judge a book by its cover”. The soul of a person is not simple to read and because of a Tikun process, the soul may reflect different state than what the body shows.